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Bizfete is a company based in the United States of America that serves as an gateway to better living in the United States and throughout the World. Strategically located in the heart of New York City’s world-famous Garment District, Bizfete provides manufacturers, retailers and consumers with an e-commerce gateway that promotes better living first, through its one-stop solution network and service center, starting from sourcing the cotton and going all the way to providing logistical services to clients. Second, providing cost-effective e-commerce solutions for businesses through the promotion and selling of their products. Third, by supporting social responsibility initiatives that offer people ways in which they can live better lives through entrepreneurism and the purchasing of products for personal use.

The ideals set forth by Bizfete are inherent in the company’s long-term relationships with over 40 corporations that form a world-wide supply chain that includes Bangladesh, India, and China. These companies include entities from the apparel and garment industries. In addition, Bizfete operates its own design studio as well as production and other facilities in Bangladesh and in the United States. It is through these facilities that Bizfete offers a vast network of supply sources that promote individual self-confidence and quality solutions for everyday life.

In order to meet its stated goals, Bizfete’s operational functions are based on a systems approach involving the use of the Baldrige Excellence Framework. It is through the Baldrige Excellence Framework that Bizfete’s operations are mission driven and links strategic organizational planning with its budgetary process and the implementation of outcomes assessments for continuous improvement and organizational sustainability. It is through the adoption of the Baldrige Excellence Framework that Bizfete maintains a cost-effective supply chain that addresses public responsibilities and practices good community citizenship. At the heart of the Baldrige Excellence Framework is innovation, and it is through a timely responsiveness to external business environment changes that Bizfete can continue to expand its market share within the highly competitive industry.

Bizfete offers a wide range of products manufacture in its own facilities and vendor networking. Bizfete partners network has attained a variety of operational certifications; including, but not limited to ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Flo-Cert GmbH, BASF Carbon Footprint of Textiles, OE100 Scope by Control Union Certifications, Laboratory Accreditation by buyers.
Bizfete, through its operational infrastructure, is well positioned to continuously offer cost-effective pricing of goods and services, maintain strategic business growth, ensure the sustainability and expansion of a supply chain, and to provide quality-based goods and services that address the needs of customers in a timely manner. Bizfete is also positioned to improve the quality of everyone’s life and to expand its social responsibility initiatives. It is through this operational framework that Bizfete is becoming a leader within the e-commerce industry.

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